Kellie & the Kruze-o-matics are a high-energy, vintage-rock, alt-country, rockabilly-inspired trio from St. Simons Island, GA.

With influences ranging from country icons like Hank Willliams and Patsy Cline, to rock bands such as Blondie and The Clash, along with rockabilly greats Link Wray and Stray Cats, you could say they are quite eclectic… and always a blast! 

Attending a Kellie & the Kruze-o-matics show will guarantee a night of dancin’, laughin’ and a whole lotta fun!

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Kellie Parr grew up on the coast of Georgia with a family of music lovers, especially her mother who taught her to sing country harmonies at a very young age. Later, Kellie discovered rock music when she learned to play AC/DC songs on her uncle’s beat-up electric guitar through a Sears amp. It was only natural to combine those two influences into her newest passion… rockabilly! She is currently working hard to develop her guitar skills on her sweet Gretch guitar to be more like her hero, Brian Setzer. Hang in there, Kellie!


Joe Theiler grew up deep in the midwest in Omaha, Nebraska but remembers fondly listening to the Beach Boys “Endless Summer”… over and over, at a pretty young age. Not long after however, he discovered metal, blues, and punk and his musical taste branched out in many directions from there. Joe names Mark Sandman (Morphine) and Mike Watt (Minutemen) as his biggest bass influences. However, picking up the upright has been an adventure into other genres that Joe is excited to take on.


Lee O’Neal was born way out west in Arizona but moved to the coast of Georgia pretty soon after. He started playing drums as a teenager and has been playing full-time professionally since the late 90s. His drumming influences come from all genres, with his favorites being Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Al Jackson and Joe Morello. Lee is quite an accomplished blues drummer and credits Fred Below for being an inspiration in that genre as well as his work with Chuck Berry, which serves him well in a rockabilly-inspired band like the Kruze-o-matics.