Music this Friday…

Hey there… if you’re looking for a good reason to get out of the house, then come on over to Ember’s Mas Lounge this Friday, June 5, 7-10pm and join Kellie & the Kruze-o-matics for a rockabilly-ing, honky-tonkin’ fun time! You know, we’re still in this weird, social distancing situation, but they’ve got some cool couches and plenty of nice places to sit around… and spread out. Come check it out!

On a sad note, I wanted to let y’all know about the passing of my good friend, musical collaborator and big brother, Tim Haynes. He was one of the best, most prolific songwriters I’ve ever known… his guitar playing was beautiful, melodic, tasteful and he could shred too!… but his voice, oh that wonderfully rough voice, was my favorite. The emotion, pain, joy – the whole spectrum – he would put into every line was breathtaking. He always gave his music everything he had – body and soul. I will miss hearing that raspy voice calling me up and saying “Hey sis, how are you? and when are you gonna book us a gig?” Godspeed, big bro.

Take care of each other, KP





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