Music this weekend…

Hi y’all… Hope everyone has some fun things planned for this holiday weekend! If you’re still looking for something to do, I’ve got a couple of options for you. Friday, May 28, Kellie & the Kruze-o-matics will be playing at Captain Stan’s Smokehouse in beautiful downtown Woodbine, 6:30-10pm. We’ll be featuring a special guest, Lee O’Neal, on drums. He’s awesome, y’all! Reid Trawick is still recovering from an arm injury (yeeouch…bad one for a drummer) but should be returning to the band next month. Keep resting that arm, honey! Also, this weekend, I’ll be starting my steady Sunday solo gigs at Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria on May 30, 5-8pm. They’re gonna have a bar set up on the outside patio right next to where I’m performing, so come have some pizza and a glass of chianti with me. Fun!

Love, KP



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