Saturday with KP…

Hi everybody – This weekend I’ll be giving the solo thing a try… I can’t remember the last time I played solo! But this should be a fun one. I’ll be performing at a new venue (for me) – Side Pokkets in Brunswick, Saturday, August 22, 8-11pm. Looks like a really cool place with a nice stage and pool tables (hence the name?). Hope to see y’all there!

Also, I wanted to share a video with you. This is another one (it’s a series!) from Satilla Riverkeeper’s “Virtual Satilla Celebration” – a cover of my favorite John Prine song. It’s a tribute to John of course, but also to my close friend and musical partner, Tim Haynes. They both passed away this year… so this goes out to them with love and appreciation for all the amazing music and inspiration they have given me over the years. 

Lots & lots of love, Kellie



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